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Congenital heart disease is the abnormal development of the heart resulting in a defect with which the child is born. The term congenital does not necessarily indicate that there is a hereditary reason for this abnormal development. As a matter of fact the causes of most congenital heart diseases are not known. Furthermore, the heart completes its development in the first six weeks of pregnancy, which in most instances is even before the mother knows she is pregnant. As parents we tend to feel guilty for anything wrong that happens to our children. It is crucial that parents of children understand that with the exception of alcohol and drug abuse, the heart defect their children have is not related to anything they did or did not do.

So now, with guilt out of the way, you may find the information on this web site helpful. In addition to details about many congenital heart diseases, there is information regarding many aspects related to taking care of a child with heart disease. We would like to hear from you if you have any questions, or if you do not find the information you are seeking. We hope to continually update the information provided.

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