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Congenital and Acquired Heart Diseases in Children


Pediatric Cardiology For Medical Professionals

Basic sciences: cardiovascular embryology, physiology and pathology.
Diagnosis and therapeutics:  cardiovascular pharmacology, electrocardiography, chest radiology, echocardiography and cardiac catheterization.
Heart Diseases: congenital heart diseases and acquired heart diseases in children.
Fetal Cardiovascular Pathophysiology in Congenital Heart Diseases
Pediatric Cardiology for Patients and Parents
General information:
normal heart, heart murmurs.
Heart diseases: birth defects, acquired heart diseases, fainting, athlete&heart diseases.
Tests: chest x-ray, ECG, echocardiography, cardiac catheterization
Treatment: interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery.

Pediatric Cardiology Fellowships at Rush University Medial Center
  Rush Center for Congenital and Structural Heart Disease
Pediatric Cardiology - Springer-Verlag-New York
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The information provided in this site is intended to educate medical professionals and the general public about heart diseases in children.  The authors are professors at Rush University Medical Center.  This web site is housed at Rush University and supervised by Ra-id Abdulla, MD.  To contact Dr. Abdulla, e-mail:
Dr. Abdulla is Board certified in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology.  he is Professor of Pediatrics at Rush Medical College and Editor-in-Chief of
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